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Top 10 Foods in Malaysia

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Top 10 Foods in Malaysia

This is a list of the Most Delicious Foods in Malaysia
10. Ochien, aka oysters with egg
This delicious concoction of flour, oysters, egg, soya sauce, fire and frying pan, was dreamed up by some horny person who loves food. It is oily, but it is also very yummy.

This dessert is a godsend to lovers of sweets and people who can’t wait to get diabetes. Made from coconut milk, ice, palm sugar, green noodles and other secret stuff, it is the favourite elixir for Malaysians to go with their meaningless existence.

8.Asam laksa.
All pregnant people, including pregnant men and women, swore like drunken sailor when giving birth. They also swore by this delicious spicy and soury noodle that has nicknamed Penang Island, as the Smelly Fish of the Orient.

This food is so simple, it requires no cooking and smells sublime, like a dead carcass or your ex girlfriends unwashed panties

6. Roti Canai
For all the cheap skates out there, this flat bread dough is deliciously served with your preferred choice of curry, be it chicken curry, vegetable curry, mutton curry or human curry, aka diarrhea. This cheap dough is normally ordered by fans of English League Football, to be consumed late at night at their favourite roti canai stall, while drinking Pull Tea and watching grown men chasing and kicking a ball in Gloomy Britain

5. Kai See Sar Hor Fun
This bowl of flat rice noodles, is one of the most delicious concoction to ever come out of your mother’s belly. The soup can be made from a dead chicken carcass or better yet, from delicious dead insects of the sea, namely prawns. The prawn soup is to be murdered for, and the best place to eat Kai See Sar Hor Fun, is in Ipoh, a Chinese town surrounded by lime stone hills, that inspired the creator of the hit anime Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama. When pronouncing the tongue twisting Kai See Sar Hor Fun, please be not surprised since the wrong pronunciation can literally mean chicken shit flat rice noodles. Eating out is an adventure

4.Nasi Kandar
This delicious marriage between rice and curry, is the birth child of some smart person. Nasi kandar is really delicious, but unfortunately expensive. Once you eat nasi kandar, you may never want to leave Malaysia.

3. Bak Kut The
This savoury pork dish flavoured with great herbs and spices, can be considered the Asian and Wet version of a Kentucky Fried Chicken. When the delicious soup is paired with fried dough, mushrooms and taufu, it deserves the monicker of being the food of the enlightened and religious

2. Nasi Lemak
Translated as Fat Rice, this food is healthy because I say so. The Fat portion of this Onigiri wannabe, is due to the splendid use of coconut milk in the cooking of the rice. This delicious small packet, comes with the obligatory soft and stale cucumber, quarter of a hard boiled egg, sambal belacan, fried peanuts, banana leaf and yesterday’s sports section. Normally eaten in the morning, it can give you a boost in energy so that you can go through the day in your soulless unfulfilling job. Another name for Nasi Lemak is Pyramid Rice

1. Roast Pork Belly Rice
This item can be ordered through your favourite chicken rice seller. It is enjoyed by all Malaysians and can be considered the food of the Gods. The Roast Pork Belly is like no other meat and it doesn’t taste like chicken. The saltiness of the tender juicy meat can only be described as the second best food since chewable condoms.

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