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TOP 10 Ways to Prevent Diabetes - Diabetes Health Tips

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“Diabetes can be dangerous, but being more active and making appropriate food choices can significantly delay or even prevent diabetes from developing.”

Here are the top 10 diabetic diet tips :

Diabetes Tip 01: You don’t have to abandon foods you love. Just cut down on portion size and eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that you’re full.

Diabetes Tip 02: Turn off the television and walk with a friend.

Diabetes Tip 03: When eating out, choose steamed veggies or broiled entrees instead of fried foods and cream sauces.

Diabetes Tip 04: Drink water with your meals. Water will fill you up faster and prevent you from overeating.

Diabetes Tip 05: Read food labels. Choose foods with unsaturated fat, and little or no added sugar or salt.

Diabetes Tip 06: Try getting at least one new fruit or vegetable every time you shop for groceries.

Diabetes Tip 07: Every step counts. Take a 10-minute walking break every day. Walking is great exercise and can help relieve stress, too!

Diabetes Tip 08: Eat a variety of whole grains such as 100 percent whole wheat bread, brown rice and oats.

Diabetes Tip 09: Know your family history. Your physician can help you determine hereditary factors that could put you at risk for developing diabetes.

Diabetes Tip 10: Lose a few. Shedding at least 10 pounds by eating fewer calories, eating smaller portions and exercising can significantly reduce your risk of developing diabetes.
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