HomeVideoTop 5 food to stop oneself | foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure

Top 5 food to stop oneself | foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure

Top 5 food to stop oneself | foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure
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Top 5 food to stop oneself | foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure

Do you know foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure foods that should be on your Do Not Eat! list or “Avoid These Foods!” — “Yes, there are kinds of foods that you should avoid [99%] of the time:”

foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure They can wreck “your heart and your health in general,” over time, says Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Allow yourself to eat these silent killer foods only 1% of the time![1] There is a time to eat properly and a time to feast (a bad thing if done more than about zero times each month! Yes, that’s right, “not-even-once-most-months!”). Read on

1.Take Omega3s and extra vitamin C, and eat citrus after consuming fats and/or nitrates (these supplements were shown by research to reduce bad effects) of consumption of such unhealthy foods.

2.Slash eating the following foods — reducing consumption of unhealthy foods — to only special, isolated events/festivities “three or four times a year” (but, “No!”, not a different-one each month!) — for example, (1st) once when you’re at a big ball game, and (2nd) once at the beach, or (3rd) a big holiday, and only one other time in a year! (based on 1% of 365 days in a year is 3.65 = about 3 to 4 servings per year). Avoid:[1] Pickles and olives. Avoid loads of sodium/salt— “one, single dill pickle contains a whopping 1,400 mg! of sodium” If you live and die for pickles, see whether you can find low sodium [refrigerated] fresh pickles at health or food stores that are low sodium, preferably sodium free!
High fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This dangerous sugar silently contributes to deadly cardiovascular problems. Check food labels, fruity (5, 10 or 15% fruit juice or such) and soft drinks, sodas (almost syrup) — if HFCS is an ingredient, drop it (but not in your basket). Cancer caution: research shows that fructose increases a certain enzyme that made sugar more available “to promote cancer cell growth”.[2]

Find your healthier alternatives to all of those unhealthy foods!
Eat 4 or 5 tiny fairly-balanced meals. Eating little portions several times each day, being more satisfied, then use less carbs, sugary, salty, fried, or charred foods.

Eat an ‘anti’-inflammatory style diet. One example of heart-healthy eating plan includes 45 to 50% slow-burning, low-glycemic index carbs; 30 percent healthy fats; and 20-25 percent protein—all of which help to reduce inflammation.[4]

Fight off developing Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart problems — a “variety” of health issues and cancers. Variety is not always the spice of life…

5.Ask your doctor about a dozen, or so, dangerous foods — or call them “silent killer” foods, you should leave them alone 99% of the time. You really have opportunity to save yourself from developing a form of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart trouble and cancer that are often “sponsored” by bad diet choices! How often can you eat the no-nos? Do not eat them:
Not once in a month (not 12 times yearly).
Not even once in two months (not 6 times yearly)

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