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Top 5 Ways To Treat Gestational Diabetes

http://www.diabetic-supplies-online.com- Discover the top ways to treat gestational diabetes. Mothers should take comfort in knowing that gestational diabetes is a temporary condition, and you will return to a normal condition after birth.
Eat healthy- 3 meals per day with two snacks, or five small meals. You’ll want to keep a level blood glucose level.
If you have morning sickness, do NOT go with food. Avoid fried foods. Eat whole grains- try to have cereal in the morning, or some crackers to maintain your blood glucose levels.
Monitor your carbohydrate intake.
Include a source of protein with your carbohydrates. A great sandwich is a turkey and cheese sandwich. Low fat, protein and carbohydrates all in one package.
Being attentive to your diet during pregnancy can make dealing with gestational diabetes a manageable situation.

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