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Treatment accelerates Progression of Diabetes

Treatment accelerates Progression of Diabetes

Something is wrong in our treatment of diabetes. “Low and high mean HbA1c values were associated with increased all-cause mortality and cardiac events. If confirmed, diabetes guidelines might need revision to include a minimum HbA1c value” (Currie C J et al
Lancet 2010; 375: 481–89.

Diabetes is a multidimensional dynamic process . Blood glucose level is its projection, or mapping. An everyday example of a projection is the casting of shadows onto a plane (paper sheet). Blood glucose is such a “shadow” of the diabetes process. In order to survive, process ought to be well organized, efficient, and has to function optimally. An optimal process survives longer than a non optimal. Optimality is inversely proportional to hazard rate.

The notion of a multi dimensional dynamic process is not easy to understand and difficult to explain. First I shall introduce the theory of the Wisdom Of the Body (WOB). Next I shall explain the properties of the dynamic process.

Current treatment is associated with rising hazard rate and shortening survival. I explain why.


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