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treatment of diabetes - Zeolite Clinoptilolite Detoxify Heavy Metals and Pollutants~ Pineal Decalcif

treatment of diabetes – Zeolite Clinoptilolite Detoxify Heavy Metals and Pollutants~ Pineal Decalcify~ Activator~

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Detoxifying Clinoptilolite~ Support Liver and Kidney Health~The liver and kidneys are the body s two primary detoxification organs They are responsible for filtering out the toxins~ Zeolites can help lessen the burden of detoxification on these organs, thereby supporting their healthy function 2 Improve Digestive Function Scientists have found that zeolites may relieve diarrhea and possibly enhance the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract Zeolites may also aid in normalizing bowel movements, acid reflux, leaky gut and other intestinal disorders 3 Relief from Allergies Because many allergies stem from toxins and other foreign agents in the body, zeolites can lesson the risk or severity of allergies by trapping such foreign agents 4 Detoxification Due to its molecular structure, zeolite minerals are capable of selectively attracting and binding toxic particles, whether they are heavy metals, radioactive particles, viruses, or other dangerous substances, and safely removing them By removing toxins from the system, zeolites can help the body to defend itself while also increasing strength, endurance, and stamina 5 Antioxidant Function Oxidative stress can be increased when we are exposed to pollution or chronic infections This leads to the generation of free radicals Free radicals are toxins too, only they are generated inside the body instead of ing from environmental sources If they are not neutralized, free radicals attack and damage healthy cells and their DNA, causing premature aging, immune dysfunction, and a myriad of dysfunctions and diseases Zeolites can act as an antioxidant, countering free radicals and helping the body defend itself against this attack 6 Antiviral Properties Because of its net negative charge, zeolites can attract and bind to positively charged viral sub-particles These are the particles that actually join together to form a new virus By doing this, In a study on patients being treated for immunodeficiency, six to eight weeks of zeolite supplementation was found to increase the blood counts of certain immune cells, enhancing the effect of the immune system 8 Strengthen Immune System Zeolites eliminate harmful substances, stop destructive attacks of free radicals, and find and bind pathogens in the circulatory system 9 Normalize Blood Sugar Glucose molecules carry a slight positive charge and as such have the capability of attaching themselves to the outside of a negatively charged zeolite particle Through this passive mechanism, help modulate blood sugar levels 10 Sharpen Mental Acuity Zeolites can protect the blood vessels and tissues in the brain by trapping highly reactive free radicals and eliminating them from the system 11 Protect Cardiovascular System As free radicals travel through the blood, they set the stage for heart, Zeolites cavities are negatively charged pounds that attract and capture toxins and other harmful substances like free radicals in order to eliminate them The elimination of these toxins allows the body s cells to stay functional and repair themselves when damaged 14 Help Eliminate Heavy Metals~Heavy metals from environmental pollutants can accumulate in our body s organs and tissues The most dangerous metals are lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic They strain the ability of the liver to metabolize pounds for use in the body and eliminate toxic pounds Zeolites can attract these pounds and eliminate them from the body 15 Adaptogenic Properties~An adaptogen is something that reacts and interacts with other pounds, thereby helping the body adapt or normalize within its current health state Zeolites are used by the body in a variety of ways adapting to the body s needs and acting as an antioxidant, blood cleanser, My videos are not intended to treat or diagnose, and none of the information shared is to be of medical advice Please seek advice of a Doctor of natural medicine, before learning to get healthy through natural means

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