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Trends of Diabetes in United States

My storypoint is about trends of diabetes in USA. Though the research on diabetes has been significant and there is a lot of data on the internet about this topic, I wanted to let me imagination run wild and takes my own twist on this topic. I tested my hypothesis, that was is there a relationship between using google search term “fitness” and “diabetes” and “number of people diagnosed with diabetes” and “population of USA” from year 2004 to 2014? Based on my assumption, I thought as population increases so does the number of people getting diagnosed with diabetes and that might lead them to google for terms “diabetes” and then to leading them to searching for term “fitness” in order to take control of their health. I used three time series graphs: line graph, forecast graph, trends lines on a forecast graph along with two XY scatterplots. After graphing all my data I concluded that I disagreed with my hypothesis. There is a negative relationship between google search term “fitness” and “diabetes” and also a negative relationship between google search time “diabetes” and number of people with diagnosed with diabetes. The interesting trends I discovered about diabetes were – as the population increases diabetes diagnosis also increases, they have a positive relationship and as the diabetes diagnosis increases, google trends shows search term “fitness” popularity also increased, they have positive relationship. It could be that when someone is diagnosed with diabetes they are more inclined to google “fitness” rather than “diabetes”. One possible explanation for that could be they received information about diabetes from their health care provider and/or their healthcare insurance/ pharmacy sends them pamphlets to educate them. Sometimes we think we know something to be true based on our perceptions and that’s what happened with my hypothesis, after analyzing my graphs, it showed me that data did not support my assumptions.


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