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Trina Type 1 Diabetes - Diabetes in public

I’ve never really had a problem with taking care of my diabetes in public. If I need to take my blood sugar, I do. When I was younger I took insulin shots, and if it was time to take my insulin, I just took it. At school they made me go to the nurse’s station, but when I was out and about, I would just do it. I may have made people uncomfortable at times without realizing it, but having been diabetic for over 30 years, I’m just used to it.
Now that I have my insulin pump and my continuous glucose monitor, it’s a lot less obvious that something’s going on. But when somebody asks or seems interested, I’m happy to talk to them about it. It’s fine with me, I’m not embarrassed about it. It’s part just of life to me, and if someone wants to learn more about diabetes, then great.


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