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Trina Type 1 Diabetes - My Bucket of Diabetic Supplies

I was cleaning through some stuff recently and I found a large bucket that contained all kinds of various diabetic supplies. They were old glucose monitors, different accessories to pumps, different parts, different inserts for the pumps. It was just crazy. I realized I really need to clean through some of this stuff.
Right now I have a pretty decent supply of sensors for the Dexcom. I have a big supply of inserts for both me and my son for our pumps, because we use different ones. We have a small cabinet just devoted to it. It definitely takes a lot of space, but I’m trying to clean through the old stuff that I know I won’t use. But the new stuff, I just keep getting more. If I can get more, I’ll take it because I’m just nervous that I need it and I won’t have more. I will keep my large supply going and weed through when I need to.


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