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Trina Type 1 Diabetes - Taking Blood Sugars as a Teen

Since I’ve been diabetic since I was two years old, I’ve accepted that I need insulin and I need it all day. During my teen years, I understood I needed my insulin, and any time I didn’t take insulin wasn’t because I was trying not to take it, but just I had forgotten and I took it as soon as I remembered.
However, taking my blood sugars was a little different. As a teen, I knew that I was able to feel when I went high or low, and so I would sometimes be a little too relaxed on taking my blood sugars.
I’m sure that was part of the reason that my A1C went higher in my teen years. I definitely would skip on taking my blood sugar. I tried to always at least take it in the morning and a few times throughout the day. But I felt like I knew how I was doing, and I definitely was too relaxed as far as that goes.


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