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Trina Type 1 Diabetes - Treating using the Artificial Pancreas Treatment

I want to take a minute and explain what I mean when I say I do my treatments. It is called the Artificial Pancreas Treatment. Basically what it does is address the core problem that diabetics have of not being able to metabolize properly. Although I am still a diabetic and still require insulin daily, this takes care of all of the other problems that come with type 1 diabetes. My dad developed the current protocols we use and he manufactures the device that infuses insulin through a small IV in my arm. What it means for me is that I don’t have the swings with my blood sugars very often, I don’t spill ketones, and I don’t crash. Also, all beginning signs of complications that I had are completely gone. I’ve had health pregnancies and I have no complications. My blood work is basically perfect.


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