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Truvision Health Treatment Weightloss Testimony Day 2 | Feb 2016 Diabetic Type 2 | New Zealand

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Truvision Health Treatment Weightloss Diabetes Testimony Day 2 as a Diabetic Type 2 in New Zealand. Just a quick update on how I am doing on Truvison (TV). Today was just like yesterday hardly feeling like eating but have heaps of energy to do my daily errands and run around after my moko Kowhai.

There are no strict rules to follow on this program, we visited the Truvision Health Warehouse here in New Zealand to pickup stock. Of all places our favourite pie shop was there so we stopped and had one even though I was still full. Didn’t feel guilty or anything, just felt over bloated.

I cannot wait to go out there and share TV products with anyone who wants help, their products are very affordable where even low income earners can afford them.

Even though it’s only been Day 2 the result have been amazing, I haven’t had my nana nap and can stay up all day, stay tuned for my next update.

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See you on the inside.


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