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TuDiabetes Video Chat: Dr. James Lane, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

James T. Lane, M.D., is the Harold Hamm Chair in Clinical Diabetes Research and Professor of Medicine within the Endocrinology and Diabetes Section of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center’s Department of Medicine. Dr. Lane also serves as director of the adult clinical programs at the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

Dr. Lane has conducted extensive clinical research involving both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. He has a special interest in new-onset diabetes following organ transplantation, and has vast experience in caring for patients with diabetes complications, specifically those affecting the kidneys, eyes, nerves and the cardiovascular system.

Topics Dr. Lane discussed include:

• Telemedicine, a program that allows doctors to treat patients in rural locations through videoconferencing

• The Young Adult Transition Clinic, a clinic geared toward continuing care for pediatric patients when they turn 18 and need to transition to an adult clinic

• The Harold Hamm International Prize for Biomedical Research in Diabetes, a new biennial prize awarded in the amount of $250,000 to encourage innovative research aimed at progress toward a cure

• Current diabetes research and treatments

• Diabetes-related Complications


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