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Type 1 Diabetes--Sydney's Story

Sydney was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, or Juvenile Diabetes, at the age of 4. She is now 5 and is an advocate for her disease. She walks with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation each year, helping and hoping for a cure. Type 1 diabetes is often confused with Type 2 but they are very different. Type 1 can be triggered by any virus that tells the body’s immune system to destroy the insulin producing cells in the body. Once this happens, they can’t be repaired. There is no cure for Type 1 diabetes. The consequences of living with this disease can be very dangerous. A few examples are amputations, blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, coma, seizures, early death. It is our hope to educate more people about this disease so we can find a cure for Sydney and all the other kids living with this disease.


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