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Type 2 Diabetes - Can A Diabetic Control Their Blood Sugar When Following A Vegan Eating Plan?

As you go about choosing an eating plan to follow; one you may come across and consider to follow is a vegan or vegetarian approach. If you feel strongly about not harming animals with your food consumption, chances are these two choices will be high on your list to try out.

But, can you stay healthy following a vegan approach and still maintain favorable blood sugar levels? Whichever eating plan you chose to follow it needs to be looked at with a view to attaining and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Here are a few things to think about…

1. Food Choices Matter. When it comes to including protein in the vegan diet, your options are quite limited. Primary protein sources include…

  • beans,
  • lentils, and
  • legumes,

all of which are quite high in carbohydrates. As such, eat too many of these, and even though they are complex carbohydrates, they can still do a number on your blood sugar status.

Alternatively, nuts and seeds can also provide protein but with those, you will be getting a high dose of fat as well.

So what is best? How can you manage your carb intake and get sufficient protein? If going on a vegan diet, look into vegan-friendly protein powders and do not forget about tofu and tempeh. These foods are likely going to be your best bet for ensuring your nutritional needs get met without adding a lot of carbs or fats to your eating plan.

2. Calories Must Be Tracked. Speaking of carbs and fats; that brings us to our next point – calories must be tracked. Often people make one of two mistakes. They either…

  • overdo their calorie intake, consuming far more than they need, or they
  • do not eat enough because they are only eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don’t let either of these mistakes happen to you. You need to count calories just like you would on any other eating plan to ensure you are eating the right amount. Adding your calorie intake each day will go a long way towards keeping you on track towards your goal weight.

3. It Will Be An Adjustment. Finally, note it will be an adjustment. Many people who start on a vegan approach do find it can be hard at first, not eating any meat, dairy, eggs, and so forth.

Realize there will be food cravings and know how you will deal with these. It may be better to use a modified vegetarian diet for a few months and then transition to a vegan diet from there.

Keep these points in mind. If you are smart in how you plan your diet, you can eat vegan and still keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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