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Type 2 Diabetes Cure with Immuno Stem Cell Therapy at Vallarta Clinic

In this video we show the mixing of Immuno Stem cell therapy with the patients blood and then how we inject that back into the patient with an insulin needle. Immuno Stem Cell Therapy will cure the symptoms of type 2 diabetes by using your bloods own naturally occuring stem cells and converting them into anti-antibodies. Type 2 diabetes in an issue with the pancrease and the body is confused where it creates antibodies that attack the pancrease instead of helping it. So immuno stem cell therapies anti-antibodies come to the rescue by destroying these confused antibodies and re-enforcing the patients immune system. The patient, Gumaro in this video had a blood glucose level of 509. That is extremely high and the goal of the immuno stem cell therapy is to bring that number down. Treatment lasts for 1 year, but we typically see the alleviation of symptoms after just 2 months. You will see in our follow up video to this that only a week after starting treatment that Gumaro had already dropped his blood glucose levels down to 300. This is still a high blood glucose level, but a significant drop in just one week. Call us for a free consultation or check out www.vallartaclinic.com

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