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Type 2 Diabetes Diet You Can Live With

Type 2 Diabetes is a lifelong disease marked by high levels of sugar in the blood. Is there any good type 2 diabetes diet? Let’s see some suggestions here.

One diet suggestion to control type 2 diabetes symptoms is by carbohydrate counting. This way of meal planning is an easy way to keep track of the total amount of carbohydrates that a person eats every day. By distributing the number of grams of carbs that the dieter is allowed each day throughout several small meals, a diabetes sufferer can help to control their blood sugar while still eating what they want to eat at each meal.

Type 2 diabetes diets should also include plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. They should also stress healthy carbohydrates such as stone cut oatmeal, brown and wild rice varieties, and whole grains.

Keep away from processed carbohydrates.

It is important to avoid processed carbohydrates like white bread and rice when following type 2 diabetes diet plans. Processed carbs are notorious for causing spikes in blood sugar, which in turn, cause type 2 diabetes symptoms to become worse. Carbohydrates are a tricky food category since the body needs carbs to provide fuel to the body. Carbohydrates are also what produce glucose, which is the primary carrier of energy to the body’s cells. However, too much glucose is what causes spikes in blood sugar. Therefore, a type 2 diabetes plan should carefully pair the right amount of the right kinds of carbs with both protein and a small amount of fat.

Cut most fat from your diet.

Since diabetes can lead to heart disease, it is important for a person with diabetes to cut most fat from their diet, especially saturated and trans fats, which clog arteries. In general, type 2 diabetes diet plans should allow the dieter to eat a variety of low-fat diabetes foods without several restrictions. Lean meats including lean red meat (which includes pork), poultry, and fish should be eaten in small portions and prepared by baking, grilling, roasting, or broiling instead of frying in large amounts of oil. Also, low-fat dairy products should be used whenever possible. Of course, learning to cook vegetables without drowning them in high-fat flavorings such as butter, oil and full-fat dairy products will also help keep type 2 diabetes symptoms in check.

Besides, maintaining a healthy weight, don’t forget regular exercise and a healthy eating lifestyle are very important to helping a diabetic live as normal of a lifestyle as possible.

By following a low-fat, low-carbohydrate type 2 diabetes diet full of healthy fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fiber, a diabetes patient can help control their type 2 diabetes symptoms and maybe even slow the development of the disease.

Source by Stephen Choy: the Lose Weight Expert

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