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Type 2 Diabetes - Will Motivation or Purpose Help You Reverse Diabetes?

If your health and well-being are a priority right now, then you are going to do whatever is necessary to take control: lower your blood sugar levels, ensure weight loss and reversal of Type 2 diabetes. Sadly, many people are passive in regards to their health. Intervention at any time other than at the last minute is rare, and even then there might not always be a dedicated effort. Diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and any condition with a cardiovascular component, are common nowadays.

You cannot afford to take your health for granted, especially since you become more exposed as you age. You are not going to be fully healthy forever, but you can influence your future well-being. More importantly, you can maximize your quality of life despite the odds and the fact nothing lasts forever. Moreover, we have some advice if you are feeling motivated to take charge and get your health back on track.

Be very careful with motivation. Motivation has a positive connotation. Unfortunately, it is not always as handy as it may seem. In fact, it can even work against you. The problem with motivation is by nature it is fleeting. It comes and goes, sometimes of its accord. External motivation is something many people search for and can function as an impetus to help you get started. The most common example can be seen with weight loss – success stories are a dime a dozen. Success stories that can help raise your spirits. But it is temporary. And when it is no longer there, you have to continue to fuel it or rely entirely on internal motivation to keep you going.

Internal motivation, by comparison, is a much better resource. When you are doing what is necessary to better yourself for yourself alone, the source is much stronger and stable. When you have the internal ambition to become healthy or recover from a condition like Type 2 diabetes, you don’t need to rely so much on your “feelings” that depend on external inspiration.

And that’s where having a purpose fits in.

Having a purpose is what allows internal motivation to manifest in the first place. A goal to…

  • be lean and healthy,
  • feel good daily,
  • avoid inconveniences, and
  • ultimately live a good life.

If you can cultivate this sense of duty from within, there is no ceiling to what you can achieve. And you would not depend on “feel-good” material to get you started or keep you going when you encounter difficulties.

Many people are lackadaisical in their approach to weight loss. Not surprisingly, most people also have limited success in this area because they are not able or willing to commit. But with a purpose to guide you, you can avoid the shortcomings of fleeting motivation, while increasing your chances of success.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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