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Type II (2) Diabetes and Sugar Addiction

The idea just crossed my mind to make this video about a friend of mine, a family friend. I have known him for 20 some odd years. He has an addiction for drinking sodas. He drinks sodas almost like they are water. The big problem with this, is that he has Type 2 Diabetes and he’s been diagnosed with it or about three or four years now. But he still has not kicked his habit for drinking sodas on a daily basis. Like, literally this man can drink a two liter bottle of Pepsi in a single day.

Me and other people, including his doctor have told him repeatedly that he is basically wrecking his body by drinking so much soda and that being that he’s a Type 2 Diabetic, he should really try to limit his intake of sugar.

And soda is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and he just he doesn’t care. It’s like he’s in denial about his disease. Every time I bring it up to him, the first thing he says is that “I’m fine. I’m fine”. Well, the problem with that type of mentality is that just because you feel fine doesn’t necessarily mean that a disease process is not going on in your body. Sometimes discomfort has a way of sneaking up on you.

I really don’t know what to say to him at this point. He’s the type of person that basically lives to eat instead of eating to live. He eats for the sole purposes of satisfying his hunger cravings and his cravings for certain types of food. I think a lot of Americans have the same type of mentality to where, they instead of eating to provide nutrients to their body and sustenance, they eat to satisfy addictions and sugar cravings and fat cravings.

And in a way I kind of do understand how people can become addicted to food because I have food addictions, too. Because what happens is that when you eat certain foods like sodas, the reward center of your brain gets stimulated and it produces Dopamine which gives you a pleasurable feeling. So I think that the part of the brain that gets stimulated is called the Nucleus Accumbens. But that’s why it’s so hard for people to overcome addictions to food or even any type of addiction.

My friend has been warned repeatedly that a lot of different things can happen when you don’t control your diet and you have Type 2 Diabetes. A Type 2 Diabetic with uncontrolled Diabetes could end up losing their eyesight. They could end up losing limbs. They could end up with (renal) kidney failure. A whole lot of different negative things can result from not managing your Diabetes. And he still doesn’t care.

The thing with Diabetes is that it’s caused by a malfunction of either caused by malfunctioning of insulin or the pancreas which secretes insulin. Insulin is a hormone that breaks down the sugars in your food, the carbohydrates in your foods.

So if your insulin is not working properly then that means that your body can’t get rid of all the glucose in your bloodstream after you digest your foods. And that glucose becomes toxic to your body. So if your blood sugar level is high enough, it could result in Diabetic Ketoacidosis and some people actually go into a coma, a Diabetic coma and die because it. But you know I told him about that repeatedly he doesn’t care. I actually told him about a woman that I used to know that she was a Type 2 Diabetic and that in spite of her having that illness, she continued to eat red velvet cake every day and eventually it caught up with her she went into a Diabetic Diabetic coma and she died.


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