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Unbelievable Trailer-FROZEN SHOULDER CURED in ONE VISIT with the Trigenics® OAT Procedure!

http://frozenshoulderclinic.com WATCH A PATIENT GET CURED OF FROZEN SHOULDER ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS IN ONE VISIT! World renowned frozen shoulder expert and specialist, Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin is the first physician in medical history to develop a cure for frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis.

Alan Hudson went to the Trigenics® Frozen Shoulder Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia from the United Kingdom. This is his story of getting cured from adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder with the Trigenics® OAT Nonsurgical Operation.

Watch a longer video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbF06DTvgFc

Frozen shoulder, or “adhesive capsulitis”, is a condition that causes severe, painful restriction of motion in the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder causes the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint to contract and form scar tissue which prevents the shoulder bone from being able to move in the socket. With Adhesive Capsulitis, the shoulder literally seems to be “frozen” which is why it is called “frozen shoulder.” Watch the following TV Show on Dr. Oolo-Austin’s OAT nonsurgical operation for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOSueiSly4k

Developed by Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin, the Oolo-Austin Trigenics (OAT) Procedure is a researched, unprecedentedly successful, non-surgical operation to cure frozen shoulder.

This breakthrough medical procedure is quickly becoming accepted and proven as the world’s most rapid and effective treatment for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. Patients fly in from all over the world for the ground-breaking Trigenics® OAT Procedure!

Frozen shoulder most often happens as a result of a shoulder injury, such as a rotator cuff tear, a bone fracture affecting the shoulder, or shoulder surgery. It can also happen after people have other types of surgery, such as heart or brain surgery.

Frozen shoulder can also happen without a preceding injury and tends to preferentially affect people with certain diseases and conditions. People with diabetes, for example, have an increased risk of developing frozen shoulder. In fact, 10 to 20 percent of people with diabetes develop the condition.

Have pain in your shoulder? Is your shoulder stiff and your range of motion limited? Learn more by downloading our new and improved FREE frozen shoulder ebook. It features a section on night pain and contains a handy shoulder self-diagnostic tool!

Dr. Allan Oolo-Austin is an Osteopathic Physician and Doctor of Chiropractic with a doctorate in Manual Medicine and specialty certification in Physical Rehabiliation and Sports Medicine. He is renowned for his work with innumerable celebrities including John Cusack, Robbie Williams, David Bowie, Sir Ian McKellen, Jon Bon Jovi, Farrah Fawcett, Peter Gabriel, Cyndi Lauper, Malin Akerman, Raymond Burr, Richard Crenna, Dolf Lungren, Neve Campbell, Jessica Steen, Vin Diesel;The Backstreet Boys, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Jon Bon Jovi, Roy Orbison, Clint Black, Tony Bennett, Kenny G., Robbie Robertson, Peggy Lee, James Brown, The Monkeys, Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, Paul Stanley of Kiss, Axl Rose of Guns and Roses, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, and members of the tours of Pink Floyd, U2, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones. Dr. Oolo-Austin has also been sought out by and worked with many elite and professional athletes with official attendance at many Olympics and World Games. He is also the developer of the revolutionary musculoskeletal assessment and treatment system for pain relief called “Trigenics”.

Trigenics® is a neuro-kinetic, sensorimotor assessment, treatment and training system which instantly relieves pain and increases strength and movement. Trigenics® retrains the way the brain communicates its movement and/or pain signals with the muscles of the body. The beneficial effects are instantaneous and seen immediately. http://trigenics.com

You don’t have to suffer anymore. There is a cure for frozen shoulder! Contact us for a FREE consultation!

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