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Understanding Why You Might Feel Life Slipping By You

Have you ever felt like life is slipping by you? Certainly many of us in all walks of life have felt this way at times. But don’t fret, it’s only your ego-based mind–that doubting and fearful aspect in you that also likes to be judgmental, doing the worrying, because it is aware it is unreal.

Look at it this way:

Miracles in life teaches us that the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit within us, is the Universal Inspiration–the call that brings wholeness to us–and when complete will be full Atonement–which is an event in time undoing what never was. It is awakening from the dream of separate identities and life in this world.

The Atonement will be a point of total correction and reversal of all errors in thought. At this point in time there will not be a single fragmented or separated thought. Total healing of humanity’s confused and separated mind will have been achieved.

In other words, the dream of physical form will be over and we will have awakened unseparated and whole, just as we have been all along. It sits right where it always has, within us.


The Holy Spirit will remain with us for as long as healing is needed, which is as long as time exists. This Shared Inspiration of the whole Child of God is now giving us, by the use of time, a tiny taste of Heaven–or eternal Oneness.

In the abstract, all of time is reduced to but an instant. If you wish to try to comprehend when total wholeness or Atonement will happen, it will be the same millions of years away as was the separation ago–which we may call the event in the Garden at the Tree of Knowledge. But in true Reality where time is non-existent, this was only an instant ago.

The condition of whole-minded Oneness is incapable of attack, totally open, and in no need of defense, and knowledge is never blocked. It points us to the way beyond healing and leads our minds to live a life according to our own true free will, which, of course, is the Will of God.

True Free Will

Before the separation (the symbolic bite of the apple) there was no need for healing, because no mind was separate and everything was abstract oneness. In the condition we now symbolically represent as Paradise, we were not comfortless, and communication was not necessary. Whatever tapestry you choose to paint of this for yourself is the truth.

When you feel like life is slipping by you, remember that the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit within you as your Healer, Comforter, and Guide will lead you on a path to your true free will if you will listen to Him.

In other words, He wants you to live the dream full of joy and abundance with lasting inner peace. The Holy Spirit does not want us to awaken from a nightmare, but rather to open our eyes in Heaven with a blissful smile and not of fear.

This Shared Universal Inspiration is giving you, by the use of time, a tiny taste of Heaven–or eternal Oneness, for you to enjoy and achieve the life of your dreams.

To the life of your dreams

Source by James Nussbaumer

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