Faith and Immigrant Advocates Hold Vigil Outside ICE Check-In for Immigrant Mother of Four, Wife of U.S. Military Veteran

BALTIMORE – Faith and immigrant-rights advocates with the DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network will hold a vigil and press conference at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 4, 2017, in front of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Baltimore office as they await the outcome of a decision on possible deportation of a mother of four and wife of a U.S. military veteran.

Veronica is a 38-year-old Mexican citizen. Her husband, Ricardo, is a U.S. citizen and a U.S. Army veteran. Two of the couple’s four children have significant medical issues. Veronica came to the United States, undocumented, to get medical care not available in Mexico to save her child’s life. Veronica also cares for her husband, who was honorably discharged from the military after being diagnosed with diabetes and now relies on her to help to administer his insulin. Veronica is terrified that she will be detained and deported back to Mexico and will not be there to support her husband and children with medical care, especially as her son prepares for a heart valve replacement.

“The threat looming over this mother of four is not unique,” said Richard Morales, PICO National Network’s immigration policy director. “Like Veronica, thousands of immigrant families are terrorized by the fear of being ripped apart by deportation and we cannot stand idly by and allow this cruelty, forcing a mother to choose between breaking the law and saving the life of her child.”

Clergy leaders who have joined the DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network, convened by Sanctuary DMV and PICO National Network, have vowed to stay in front of the ICE office until her appointment is complete, in an effort to get Veronica back home to her family who desperately needs her support. The group has held similar vigils for others in like situations as they work to highlight unjust policies and practices impacting immigrant communities.

Tuesday’s event will close with song and prayer in front of the courthouse.

WHO: PICO National Network, Sanctuary DMV, DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network

WHAT: Press Conference & Vigil

WHEN: 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WHERE: 31 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore, MD

Interviews with faith and clergy leaders are available. Veronica will not be available for interview the day of the vigil but arrangements can be made for interviews before and after Tuesday. Please contact Heather Cabral, heather@westendstrategy.com, 202-550-680.


DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network is a network of congregations in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia region that is providing support and solidarity to neighbors, friends, and family who fear being detained, deported or profiled. The Network, rooted in faith, stands against the criminalization and scapegoating of immigrants and people of color. In the face of hate and discrimination the Network is committed to showing love, compassion and hospitality.

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