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The United States Federal Government made it mandatory for all veterinarians to take continuing education (CE) in order to keep their license valid in most states. The type of CE is different across most states, although the majority of the requirements can be determined by visiting your state’s official website. One of the main benefits of undertaking regular continuing education for Veterinarians is keeping abreast of new specialties and advances in veterinary medicine. This helps ensure both animal and public health safety.

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Veterinary Education Requirements:
At a basic level, all veterinarians are required to have the following in their credentials if they want to get residency. The education required is Doctoral of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M) degree, at least 2 years of field experience is also necessary, you are also required to take one or more of the over 40 different specializations for veterinarians, including surgery, microbiology, and internal medicine. You also need to pass the North American Veterinarian Licensing Examination as well as other applicable state exams and the completion of continuing education credits as per the state’s mandate.

Veterinary Continuing Education Options:
Veterinarians can have the opportunity to develop new skills, get more information on various species of animals or be specially trained for internal medicine or disease through a number of continuing education options. Continuing education also helps veterinarians remain compliant with state regulations, as well as keeping up to date with new developments in their field of expertise and contributing to veterinary research.

Examples of continuing education for veterinarians include taking courses, writing for veterinarian publications, attending seminars and conducting research. If you’re a veterinarian, then you can get continuing education opportunities from government agencies, local colleges and veterinarian organizations.

RACE is one of the four key programs provided by the AAVSB. Getting approved by RACE is an edge that most veterinarians would aspire to have in their credentials. Most AAVSB Member Boards recognizes RACE-approved continuing education, but participants and Providers should do their due diligence to check and verify with their board(s) about this as some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions of certain methods of delivery of continuing education.

The CDC and New Micro-bacterial and Viral Threats
The government agency Center for Disease Control or CDC also offers veterinarians special training – as part of their continuing education option – on how to handle, contain and find a cure for new diseases that no one has ever encountered before. Often new diseases and viruses are originates from animals and insects and then being carried and transmitted by farm animals which end up in our food. By staying a step ahead and monitoring the health and safety of farm animals and ensuring them to be free from harmful diseases, veterinarians act like a primary health defense system and save the public from certain pandemic.



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