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VLOG: SURPRISE PICNIC & DIABETES DAY! Lesbian Couple | rosieandella


Sorry it’s been more than a week since uploading! We’re finally moved in to our little caravan, and happy living a seaside life for the next few months.

As promised (and to make up for our lack of videos!) here’s a long vlog spanning over a few days- documenting our surprise picnic, road trip back to Harrogate, cinema date night, and a day at the hospital for Ella’s Type 1 Diabetes!

We really hope you enjoy it, and hope it’s vaguely informative for anyone who was interested in living with Type 1 as a condition. The new pump Ella has gone on is called the Omnipod, and she takes NovoRapid insulin. Here, in the UK, everything is funded through the NHS, and available through specific hospitals. She’s was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 3, in 1998, and also has a brother and father with the condition. It’s a huge part of our lives, as both people who suffer from it, and people who love those who have the condition. If anyone has any questions whatsoever about it, for either of us, then please please leave them below! 🙂

As always, we have so much love for you all, and do watch out for our next videos, which will hopefully be posted much more often now!




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