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“Walk With Us” is short film made by Storyscape and How Far Films that aims to encourage mainstream community/health organisations to be more culturally inclusive, so that more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people access their services.

The film follows Jedda, a a young Aboriginal woman, on her journey of discovery in finding out from her Elders why there is a health gap and what she could possibly do about it. She wants to try and get a job in an organisation that’s working to close the gap but also wants to make sure it’s an organisation that she’s going to feel comfortable and supported in. She finds a couple of local organisations who are willing to share their journey and perspectives on being more culturally inclusive.

Through her interviews with people at the Aborigines Advancement League, Diabetes Victoria and the City of Darebin (local council) we learn about all the things organisations need to be considering and doing. We learn about the importance of the physical environment (having acknowledgements, flags, artwork), the need to attract and retain more Aboriginal employees, having more Aboriginal people represented in leadership positions, as well as changes attitudes and beliefs.

This important video resource compliments a range of other resources in the Koolin Balit Toolkit, an initiative of North West Metropolitan Region Primary Care Partnership Consortium.

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