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Watch Your Level: Cholesterol Level Chart

People with high cholesterol must strive to have normal cholesterol. Chart checking is a way to help you achieve that. Keeping to the good level as shown in the cholesterol chart is very important. The cholesterol level chart is often used to help you to set and follow a certain goal. This is based on the studies made by the American Heart Association, and the National Cholesterol Education Program. Various studies have also been made by the Australian Government.

Cholesterol is a substance present in all areas of the body. Eighty percent comes from the liver. A normal total level in the cholesterol chart would mean that the substance is able to make the body work well.

However, when the level reaches the high risk mark, it means that cholesterol is already sticking to the artery walls, making it difficult for blood to pass. With this, a heart attack  or a stroke may occur.

However, cholesterol fats should not be totally eliminated. The good ones are being used by the body in reducing the risk factors. The bad ones however, do the opposite. This includes the transfats and saturated fats.

According to the cholesterol charts, when your bad cholesterol or the ldl (low density lipoprotein) is more than 190 mg/dl you are in the high risk zone. The normal level should be less than 130. In other words if your ldl is too high, then the risk of getting a heart attack or a strokes is much higher.

The hdl (high density lipoprotein) is the counterpart of the ldl. The normal good cholesterol level should be 40 mg/dl and above. A level below 35 would indicate high risk.

Another fat that runs through the body is called triglycerides. The desirable level would be less than 150 mg/dl while a level above 500 means high risk.

The total cholesterol level includes the good and the bad cholesterol. The normal level is 200 mg/dl or less. It’s considered risky when its level is above 240.

You can check whether your cholesterol levels are normal or high as indicated in the cholesterol charts by taking a blood test. For the measurements to be accurate, it is advisable to fast for at least 12 hours, by only consuming water and no other food. This is because some food and liquid can change the levels of your cholesterol counts.

In general testing should be done if a person has a history of high cholesterol. It is also advisable for men aged 45 and above and women aged 50 and above. This is for maintenance and prevention because old age is a major cause of heart ailments.

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