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Weight Gain Diet Foods

Weight gain diet foods are essential to help you gain extra pounds of healthy weight. Skinny people need to know what kind of food and how much to eat. Eating the wrong foods such as high carbs like fries, chips and other junk food is a sure way to create future health problems downstream like hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes. We will look at some of the proper weight gain diet foods you should include in your daily diet and the portions you should be consuming to gain weight quickly and healthily.

There is a right way to eat for weight gain. Instead of eating everything within the 3 basic meals, distribute your food intake into 5 or 6 meals – 3 main and 2 light ones. This would aid your calorie intake and maintain a healthy balance.

In order to gain weight, it simply means that you have to eat more than what your body requires for the day. This is translated to eating more than your daily calorie requirement to maintain the calorie-burning activities you perform. Eating just enough to meet your daily needs would only keep your weight constant, and not add any additional weight. Studies have revealed that in order for a person to gain extra 1 pound, the person needs to increase his/her calorie intake above what he/she needs by 3500 calories. Assuming the additional weight gain is achieved within a week, this equates adding 500 calories per day to the meals consumed. An average male adult requires about 2000 odd calories per day. If you want to know the exact calorie counts you need to consume, head to my blog to find out your Basal Metabolic Rate.

If you are interested in the kind of weight gain diet foods you can try the following:

1. Milk (3 Glasses)

Milk is packed with protein, the ingredient necessary to put on muscle mass. Start the day with a glass of milk, drink it over the next few meals until you are done with more than 3 glasses.

2. Fruits & Vegetables (5 Servings)

Eating fruits and vegetables help prepare our bodies for healthy weight gain. They are rich in fiber and vitamins, and aid us in digesting our weight gain diet foods.

3. Breads

Choose hearty and dense breads such as oat bran and whole wheat rather than light white breads. Eat them with generous servings of peanut butter and jam.

4. Cereals

Cereals make great weight gain diet foods. Eat more dense cereals such as muesli, grape-nuts, granola, shredded wheat and bran or wheat chex. Avoid flaked cereals. Remember to use low fat milk instead of water when preparing hot cereals and garnish with nuts and dried fruits.

5. Beverages

Drink more filling beverages like shakes, milk, fruit juices instead of water, tea, coffee and sodas. Go for the higher calorie content.

If you are interested to know more about weight gain diet foods and how to gain muscle mass quickly and healthily, read up at my blog for some hot tips.

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