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http://www.cfohealth.com Wellness Center in Lansing Michigan, The Center for Optimal Health, believes that a strong patient/physician partnership, in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, is the cornerstone to identifying and addressing the needs of our patients.

At Lansing Wellness Center, The Center for Optimal Health you will find the following available integrative medical services:

• Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
• Hormone Replacement Therapy Men & Women
• Weight Loss & Body Composition Management
• Thermography
• Natural Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Therapy
• Improved Physical Vitality
• Natural Relief from Anxiety & Depression
• Relief from PMS
• Personalized Nutritional Supplements
• Osteoporosis Prevention & Treatment
• Gastrointestinal Health
• Food & Environmental Allergy Treatment
• Inflammatory Bowel Disorder
• Improved Cognitive Function
• Improved Athletic Performance
• Sleep Improvement
• Thyroid Optimization
• Skin Care
• Wellness Center Lansing
• Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment
• Diabetes Treatment
• Fibromyalgia Treatment
• Asthma
• Genetic Testing for Disease Risk

For any questions and to learn more about our Lansing wellness center, visit our website at; http://www.cfohealth.com

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