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What are different conditions in Diabetes that affect kidney? - Dr. Prashant Dheerendra

The kidney can be affected in many ways in diabetes. The number one cause of kidney disease in diabetes is diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease or chronic kidney disease in diabetes, this is caused by the duration of h diabetes. as the duration if the diabetes increases that is over the decades, the kidneys slowly get damaged over the years and what happens is the kidneys start losing the function and the kidneys start losing significant amount of kidney function and that is called as diabetic nephropathy. The second important cause is the renal artery stenosis. Everybody is aware that diabetes can cause problems with the heart and it can cause blockages in the heart but very few people know that similar process can happen in the kidneys also and this can cause kidney damage over a long period of time. The third important cause of kidney disease in diabetes is infection. Infection can happen at any age but diabetics who are above 50 years or 60 years have severe kidney infection because of diabetes. Infections in diabetes are very difficult to treat and they need to be very severe. Another important cause of kidney disease or kidney and urinary tract disease is diabetic cystopathy or the involvement of the bladder in diabetes. What happens is the bladder looses the sensitivity to the urine that is stored inside the bladder and hence there may be difficulties in passing the urine. So one may pass less urine or more urine or n may loose the sensations of the urine and this is technically called as diabetic cystopathy. So diabetic nephropathy, renal artery stenosis, that is blockage in the kidneys, diabetic cystopathy . These are the important diseases that affect the patients kidney and urinary tract in diabetes.


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