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What Are The Early Signs Of Diabetes

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This is Jim from downloads for you.com and what we’re going
to be talking about today is what are the early signs of diabetes
and I could go through a list like I know that I’ve seen a few of
these doctors hand out and people and that I’ve worked with as an EMT.

I even had some of this myself and I had to take control
of what I was eating. How will kind of food I was eating
and when, so some of that for me was the increased thirst and that
was a that was really tough because the kind of work I do it’s
really hard to find a restroom all the time so if you’re always drinking then
you know you’re going to have to use the restroom.

So, what happened dry mouth increased my thirst and just not feeling
totally with it and being weak that is really kind of tough to deal with is
all that adds up.

It’s like if you only have one or two symptoms of it then you it would maybe
set off alarm bells, but if it happens all the time over a period of several
months then chances are there’s something going on so you can go in and
go to a clinic and have them check urine and blood sample and just go through it.
But, to the initial screening test the people I work with as an EMT I’ve seen friends
that have dealt with that their adult life and one of them is no
longer here. It was terrible to watch him lose toes and then part of
the foot and not being able to walk because there’s no circulation you know
the body parts are gonna die and he eventually passed away from it so this
is something that is really has hit home.

I would like to see if I can help other people and show a chancer and out
of something to do for you to take control of your own diet in your own
your own life because diabetes is one nasty disease I mean you felt a little
bit weak or if you’re just getting shaky and then food fixes that that’s that’s a
little bit of a tip there so you know you can ask the doctors about that but
there is a way and I put together an article for you guys to read and then
i’ll send you the links gonna be right below the video so it should be easy to
find and it goes through what you can do and how you can control this thing and
even kickstart your system to be more in balance in tune and starting to work
correctly again so that’s what is the key to blocking this off and
getting rid of it.

Starting to be able to lead a normal life again and not have to worry about
having a pretty bleak future with just a nasty diet or losing body parts or
anything like that I don’t wish that on anyone.

So, if it’ll work for you go take a look and and read the article and see if
it’s something that might work and help you out and I sure appreciate it and
helped some folks and you have a good day.

thank you



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