HomeVideoWhat Happen When You Do not Treat Your Diabetes Type 2 10 23 2016

What Happen When You Do not Treat Your Diabetes Type 2 10 23 2016

Take care of your diabetes . Take your medications ,eat the food for diabetes and exercise . Diabetes type 2 is a silence disorder that you do not know you have it. There are symptoms to look for to see if you have diabetes type 2 . In this video it tells how to maintain diabetes type 2 . What will happen if you do not treat you diabetes . few things . Eyes retina blood vessel bursting. You will see floaters of dead blood cell floating . Heart attack and heart blockage like I had . 5 times in a row. I now have a pacemaker in my chest regulating the heart at 60 beat per minute. I go see my kidney doctor for my kidneys. I have protein that leak out in my urine. I see my heart doctor and have my pace maker check every 3 month 90 days. Eating food for both Sugar diabetes and kidneys is no fun. A lot of food you can not eat. There is a over the counter sugar test you can buy in your pharmacy .


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