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What is Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes and type 2 diabetes?

What is insulin? What is insulin resistance? What is metabolic syndrome? What is pre-diabetes, prediabetes? What does it mean to be insulin resistant? How does insulin work? Why does blood sugar get high? What is high blood sugar? Blood glucose explained. Joan O’Keefe, Registered Dietitian and Chief Medical Officer of CardioTabs, www.cardiotabs.com, explains what insulin is and why so many people get type 2 diabetes. Thin people can get diabetes too and Joan explains how.

Joan O’Keefe, RD goes explains what insulin resistance means, how it begins and how to combat the issue. Being insulin resistant is the step before becoming diabetic. Combating these issues is very important and begins with starting your day off right and continuing the trend throughout the afternoon and evening: with a good diet. According to Joan, starting the day off right helps to avoid spiking and crashing throughout the day.

Diabetes is a disease where there is too much sugar in the blood. It gets into the arterioles and essentially rots them from the inside out. Having a high blood sugar for a long period of time is dangerous to the arteries in the vital organs of the body. Insulin is important because it brings the blood sugar back down. Joan breaks down the importance of insulin through “Sammy the mouse” who works too hard to keep insulin levels down. It is important for us to help Sammy out and watch what we eat so that Sammy doesn’t have to work so hard.

A protein and two colors every morning, noon, and night can help avoid the spiking and crashing early in the day and will give “Sammy the mouse” a rest. Starting the day off right will help you maintain a healthy level of insulin throughout the day.

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