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What is the Diabetes UK Helpline? | Diabetes UK

Have you ever wondered what the Diabetes UK Helpline is or who answers the phone when you call? Watch our video and listen to Ben, Emma, George and Emily explain who it’s for, how we help and why Helpline is so important.

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a long time, there are always new questions about diabetes.

Our Helpline team is here to answer your questions, offer support or just to chat when you need to speak to someone who knows about diabetes.

We’re here to help. You can call us, email us or even chat online, 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Call 0345 123 2399*
Email helpline@diabetes.org.uk

Or if you’re in Scotland, you can call 0141 212 8710* and email helpline.scotland@diabetes.org.uk.

For more information on our Helpline, go to www.diabetes.org.uk/helpline


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