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What is Type 1 Diabetes? Diabetes explained for children - Ask Dr.Smarty

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What is Diabetes? Ask Dr.Smarty
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Welcome to The Desk of Dr. Smarty, a growing library of information dedicated to educating you and your family on the world of health and wellness!

It’s no secret that going to the doctor can sometimes be intimidating, whether you’re 4-years-old or 40, and we believe there should be an outlet where anyone can learn more about the health topics they are interested in without the complicated medical terminology.

This is where Dr. Smarty and his team of trusted assistants come in!

Discover how easy it is for you and your family to learn and understand health conditions in a comfortable, friendly and informative environment. Children can watch videos starring Dr. Smarty and his team while parents stay up-to-date on the latest health news, learn new healthy recipes and get everyday tips and tricks with articles posted every week.

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