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What Type Of Foods Can Diabetics Eat - How To Eat With Diabetes Type 2

When you are suffering from diabetes, your choices about food are not only extremely limited but should be precise too.
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Diabetes is a nasty disease. More than 29 Million Americans have diabetes and about another 40 Million have what we call pre-diabetes. All these people have a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney damage, nerve damage, alzheimer, amputations and blindness.

In fact diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and non-traumatic amputations.

About 95% of diabetic people have what we call is type 2 diabetes.

Now type 2 diabetes results for what we call insulin resistance which is a condition where the natural hormone insulin becomes less effective and lower in blood sugar.

If you have a type 2 diabetes, the average doctor will tell you that this is something you’re gonna have for the rest of your life and that the doctors can help you manage it with the help of medications. THIS IS FLAT OUT WRONG.

Most of the world population live in the state of ignorance that type 2 diabetes can’t be cured but “THE TRUTH” is, it is possible in a matter of weeks. There is no excuse whatsoever for having type 2 diabetes.

You gave it to yourself and you just can ungive it, it’s that simple.

Diabetes can be cured with the balanced combination of diet, exercise and supplements.

The question arises here what foods can diabetics eat a lot of?

Regarding diet, you must get off of all sugar, grains, processed oils and milk products.

Shift to a diet of primarily fresh organic foods and vegetables.

At least 75% of what you consume should be consumed

Lots of freshly prepared vegetable juices will be ideal, lots of fresh salads, moderate amount of fish and lean meat can be added to your diet.

If you wanna know more about how to choose a healthy diet read the book “7 STEPS TO HEALTH” or if you’re overweight read “NEVER BE FAT AGAIN”.

Losing excess weight is essential. I have seen people losing as much as 10 pounds and exercise as little as 20 minutes, 3 times a week and the ultimate result-monster diabetes just disappears.

Vegan exercise is essential and should be a priority as it is effective in stabilising blood sugar and stimulating metabolic functions.

Walking, bicycling, swimming, rebounding-all of these done out on a regular basis will be very helpful.

The most important thing is to choose a form of exercise that is right for you and then to do it daily if possible.

Supplements are necessary, they include Vitamin C, B Complex and E. Minerals include magnesium, potassium, zinc, vanadium and chromium.

The synthesis of insulin requires 51 amino acids. Supplements with amino acids do help cure diabetes.

Other supplements include ampholytes folic acid, co enzyme cutins and essential fatty acids.

Like folic acids was used by German Physicians for decades to lower insulin resistance.

Co enzyme cutins stimulates the production of insulin and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Essential fatty acids are essential to build healthy cell membranes and reducing insulin resistance and reducing diabetic neuropathy.

On the bottom line diabetes is a dangerous disease that nobody wanna have. But is simple to cure.

However the facts that you haven’t been told is, does not come as a surprise.

Diabetes is a very profitable business.

This is why you get all these free stuffs like free glucose monitors and steroids instead of good advice on how to get well and stay well.

But now you know, you can get on with it.

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