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Whey Protein and Diabetes

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Although further medical research is needed, the health benefits of drinking whey protein shakes as supplementary nutrition to a diabetic’s limited diet seem to be effective, according to a recent study from researchers and scientists at Sweden’s Lund University and Denmark’s University of Copenhagen. But, what type of diabetes does drinking protein smoothies help and how does a diabetic invest into this nutrition supplement? You’ll find the answers to these questions through the following discussion.

The Effects of Whey Protein on Type I and Type II Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes consists of a set of symptoms that point to low levels down to an absence of insulin in the blood or to the body’s inability to produce insulin to break down glucose and turn it into energy. As a result, individuals with this type of diabetes must inject themselves with insulin everyday to help their bodies function well. With several scientific studies revealing the positive effects of hydrolyzed whey on Type 2 Diabetes (the non-insulin dependent kind), is it also possible to increase glucose response among insulin-dependent diabetics after drinking beverages mixed with these nutrition supplements? When the individual has been practicing a very strict diet and getting regular exercise, a scoop of whey powder may help.

According to studies made on type 2 diabetics, around 5 to 10 mg is needed to spike up insulin production in the pancreas. For some people, this recommendation may reach up to 20 mg of whey protein in meal replacement beverages or as low as 2 mg in soups. Pairing these high-protein shakes with meals that have a high glycemic index should result to a higher glucose response as the body tries to degrade the presence of protein and glucose in the system. However, to make sure that intake of this highly concentrated protein source doesn’t cause problems with your health, better consult your doctor and discuss the recommended dosage for your medical condition.

Whey Protein and Losing Weight for Diabetics

Diabetics with issues of obesity may want to use whey protein shakes as a way to control their appetites, which lead to lower glucose levels and better management of sugar in their blood. Because of the overall feeling of satiety after drinking, whey protein shakes also make effective meal replacements to help people lose weight. But for diabetics, substituting these shakes for a healthy meal isn’t recommended. Therefore, mixing these nutrition supplements into one’s food or beverage is the best possible option.. whey Protein and Diabetes


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