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Why Calorie Restriction does not work for weight loss for diabetics

Why cutting calories can make you fatter, raise your blood sugars, worsens Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, and inflammation. By Dr. Cheng Ruan

1. The behavioral problem
2. Eat for your hormones, not calories
3. Not all calories are created equal
4. Why calorie restricts diets fail time after time.
5. The “1200 calories myth” that’s making you fatter

Most dietary plans want some sort of caloric restriction. That has been shown to backfire in many studies. The idea of calories in/calories out balance only works if all calories are created equal. In fact they are not.

Most dietitians, doctors, nutritionists, and even the government have it backwards historically. Learn about the truth in this video!
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In this video, you will learn why calorie restriction may be harmful to you and even sabatoge your weight loss goals, can worsen type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes, and can make you gain weight, and decrease belly fat loss.


A conversation between a doctor and a patient is far more impactful than a quick prescription followed by a pat out on the back out the door.

Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who is passionate about helping others adopt lifestyle modifications for improving health/fitness.

– Dr. Cheng Ruan

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Disclaimer: the contents of this video is educational and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with your physician prior to making any decisions.


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