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Why do people with Diabetes are more prone to foot ulcers? - Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

People with diabetes are more prone to foot ulcers. Diabetes is not a disease, but a metabolic disorder where the blood sugar is high in your system and due to that whatever food you eat, all the nutrients are not absorbed by your body. So nutritionally you have to take well balanced diet. Foot ulcers are caused by poor blood circulation where the vascular conditions, where the blood doesn’t flow effectively in the body parts especially in the feet and this poor blood flow can make heal much delayed. So it affect the healing process of the ulcers. Hyperglycemia slows down the healing process of the ulcers. Treatment of diabetes may be critical at this stage. People with, especially type 2 diabetes are more prone to this condition and foot ulcers may not heals quickly and they have to control their blood sugar. Never damage is another long term condition which may result in losing the sensitivity to the feet. You may have some painless ulcers which you may not notice. Nerve sensitivity can cause you tingly feeling in the feet and nerve damage. Can reduce your sensitivity to foot pain and it can cause painful ulcers. Another condition is irritated or wounded feet where the lumps can appear without any pain. You can see the lumps can appear but without pain. During diabetes the skin also becomes very dry. So you can develop corns, cellulus, wounds etc on the skin and dry skin and you may not feel it. if any such condition appears, please consult your doctor. Nutritionally I would suggest you to take some supplements like Vitamin B which could help in nerve damage and Vitamin C, multivitamins. Omega will help to prevent the foot ulcers or they may help in healing ulcers faster. So stay healthy.


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