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Will pre-existing conditions be covered under healthcare?

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A lot of people are wondering if pre-existing conditions will be covered under healthcare reform. The good news, in short, is yes they will. The new laws set up federally subsidized health insurance pools in each state for high-risk patients with preexisting conditions, such as cancer, MS, lupus and Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and pulmonary diseases. These are patients who most often, under current regulations, cannot otherwise get health insurance at any price, for any reason. While it remains unclear how many of America’s almost 13 million patients who have pre-existing conditions will be covered, amendments and ratification will soon make the picture clearer.

Currently, insurance companies can dictate who gets insurance based upon their past or current status; even dropping current long-paying customers if their needs are deemed untenable. Online prescriptions may be covered as well in the fund, as well as online doctors. With new reforms, you can get your prescription online at a fraction of the cost that they are now. Currently, many of the large pharmaceutical companies offer assistance to low-income individuals or families who may have trouble paying for their monthly, life-saving prescription medication. Online prescriptions from these pharmaceutical companies may be covered for patients who have economic need; contact them directly for details on income requirements and for a list of which medications are covered. Consult your online doctor if you have any questions about the process for online prescriptions.

Healthcare reform seeks to address not only pre-existing conditions and prescription issues, but high-risk patients (often with pre-existing conditions) as well. The government plans to establish a pool of 5 billion dollars as a one-time federal subsidy from which expenses will be drawn for those uninsured who have are considered “high risk” patients.

As of September 23, 2010, previously uninsurable Americans with pre-existing conditions are now eligible for coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. In addition, any new health plan offered must provide preventive care coverage for procedures such as mammograms, colonoscopies, immunization and prenatal care.

Soon, online prescriptions and online doctors will be covered as well, with mandates that make coverage practically universal across the United States. If you can find a better price for your online prescription, then it can (and should) be encouraged that you do so.

Healthcare reform seeks to level the playing field between the healthy and those who are not; between those who can afford great insurance coverage and those who go without healthcare period. Of America’s 45 million uninsured individuals, one quarter of those are patients with preexisting conditions, unable to get coverage under current insurance company policies. The Department of Health and Human Services is still working out the kinks, but it is hoped that the final healthcare reform package will address the issue comprehensively, making care not only affordable, but keeping the high standards in America’s healthcare system.

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