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World Diabetes Awareness Day 2016 - Madhuri Ruia speaks to TheChairr.com

TheChairr team thought of writing a diabetes blog with the objective of creating diabetes awareness amongst the Millennials– Young Indians – They are the people born between 1980s and 2000s. They matter because nearly 60 per cent of India’s population (701 million of the 1.2 billion estimated during the 2011 census) are under the age of 30. This young population is the backbone of India’s healthy growth. If India needs healthy growth, the young population needs to be healthy.

We got Ms.Madhuri Ruia who is an expert in the field of nutrition and understands the diabetic issue better, to talk to us about it on TheChairrSays (http://thechairr.com/thechairrsays/world-diabetes-day-2016-2017-cause-test-types-cure-symptoms-prevention/).

Types of diabetes & what are the major differences between them?

Diabetes is of 2 types, Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2.

Diabetes Type 1 is the juvenile diabetes where in the younger generation gets it. It may occur because of heredity conditions or a virus that sets into the body because of which the pancreas stop producing insulin and that’s why your sugar levels remain high and that has it’s own spiral diabetes effect.

What we’re addressing when we say India’s the diabetic capital of the world: we’re really addressing the Diabetes type 2 which is the result of our lifestyle; eating outside all the time, eating out of control, missing meals, not exercising, having too many carbs that you cannot ingest as a result of which you then become insulin resistant because of which our cells don’t react to insulin the way they should. Insulin piles up, the sugar isn’t going to the places it should. Insulin then causes central obesity after which you’re in a vicious cycle.

What are the causes of diabetes?

Over eating
Not eating on time.
Eating a lot of carbs.
Not having a balanced meal in terms of carbs, fats and proteins in the same meal including snacks.
Skipping meals
Increasing age
Genetic Predisposition
A lot of the Millennials (people born after 1989) are having a hard time dealing with being diagnosed with diabetes, how do you think one can accept the fact that they’ve been diagnosed with diabetes?

First thing: Don’t buy into the concept – “I am diabetic”. Just understand that now that I’m diabetic, LET ME FIGHT IT! Because if I change my lifestyle, become active, become a doing person, plan my life and meals: I can overcome ANYTHING! The whole thing is in accepting that you are sick. If you accept you are sick then you’re going to keep living that way. Find a way to fight it. Figure a way out!

“The opposite of diabetic is athletic.” – Madhuri Ruia

Millennials who are working or studying or don’t really get time to pay attention to the tiny details when it comes to their health. What kind of a lifestyle would you recommend the always busy Millennial.

The Millennials need to change their focus because not paying attention to food according to me is a ridiculous excuse because everything is so easily available now. I remember when I was younger and in college, we had to plan well in advance to get just about anything. So, this is simply an excuse that we shouldn’t be pampering ourselves with. Therefore, the millennial should stop feeling sorry for themselves & look after their health.

There is a gym next door! Now people can shop for gym memberships so there’s no excuse to exercise! The marathon has become a big thing. Let’s stop saying “I can’t do this”. The “I can’t do” culture creates diabetes! When you can do things, you can fight all of these things. It’s all about getting into a body awareness focus and believing that your health is going to be by your side in achieving your goals & success! If my health is on one side and career is on one side and that’s not meeting… then in that gap, anything can happen!

“Don’t brush your teeth but exercise. Exercise first and then brush your teeth!” – Madhuri Ruia

Reported by TheChairr.com

Read more on http://thechairr.com/thechairrsays/world-diabetes-day-2016-2017-cause-test-types-cure-symptoms-prevention/


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