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Worried for Diabetes? These 7 Easy To Grow Herbs That Can Help To Treat Diabetes

Worried for Diabetes? These 7 easy-to-grow herbs can help To Treat Diabetes !!

Diabetes mellitus is a complex metabolic disorder resulting from either insulin insufficiency or insulin dysfunction.

The global prevalence of diabetes is estimated to increase, from 4% in 1995 to 5.4% by the year 2025. WHO has predicted that the major burden will occur in developing countries like India?

In prevention and treatment of diabetes. Different herbs play very important role because it is very necessary to understand that it is related to sugar levels in the blood and certain herbs either prevent or reduce sugar levels.

These are top 7 easy to grow herbs to prevent and treat diabetes.

1. Gymnema Sylvestre, Bedki Cha Pala:
A plant called gymnema slyvestre has an herbal properties that help to reduce and lower blood sugar levels. It’s one well known diabetes prevention herb.

Even in type 1 diabetics, using gymnema can reduce insulin

An interesting fact about this plant is that if you ingest the leaves of this plant, the gymnemic acid present in the leaves inhibits the activity of the sugar sensors on your tongue and you find sweet things are sweet no more!

2. Insulin plant
An insulin plant is a nature’s gift for the people who are suffering from Diabetes. A leaf–a-day, keeps diabetes away is the famous saying about this plant. The leaves of this plant are used in treating diabetes as it helps to reduce your blood sugar level effectively in short period.

3. Stevia
Stevia is a natural sweetener without out all the side effects of chemically manufacture white sugar. Stevia does not raise blood sugar levels.

Drink Stevia soft drinks instead of the chemically produced beverages you now drink.

4. Broccoli
It is good for patients with diabetes because of the mineral chromium. Chromium play a vital role in the process of converting meal nutrients to glucose.

Try drinking green smoothies that contain broccoli. Check with your practitioner for proper amounts.

5. Spinach
Spinach is a vegetable and in high in magnesium. Mineral properties in magnesium help to improve blood sugar levels. A spinach diet is one that will help in your effort to prevent diabetes.

Spinach like most vegetables, are classified as a complex carbohydrates—these types of carbs are slow release sources of energy. As such, dangerous blood sugar spike is nonexistent in a high veggie diet.

6. Mango Leaves
The Mango Leaves contain a component called Gallic Acid. Gallic Acid protects and prevents destruction of the beta cells—beta cells help the pancreas produce insulin.

7. Garlic
Garlic is also helpful in controlling blood sugar level. Only 2-4 cloves of garlic a day helps in addressing neuropathy diabetes related and blood related diabetes disorders.


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