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Xplain Diabetes Bundle E-Book

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This is the eighth edition of X-plain’s Diabetes Bundle. This concise, illustrated ebook is written and updated by the Medical Advisory Board of the Patient Education Institute. Diabetes is a disease that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Your health care provider may have informed you that you have diabetes. Although there is no known cure for diabetes, several treatments options can help you control the disease. The success of any diabetes treatment plan depends largely on you, the patient. This X-plain Bundle covers important information about diabetes and includes the following X-plain patient education ebooks: Diabetes Introduction Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Low Blood Sugar High Blood Sugar Diabetic Ketoacidosis Dka Diabetic Nerve Problems Eye Problems from Diabetes Diabetes Foot Care Diabetic Kidney Problems Diabetes and Meal Planning Diabetes Carbohydrate Counting Taking Injectable Insulin Basal/bolus Insulin Diabetes During Pregnancythis bundle covers the basics of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. The bundle helps you learn how to plan meals, count carbs and manage insulin if you have diabetes. The warning signs of high and low blood sugar and ketoacidosis are explained, as well as prevention tips. This ebook also explains potential problems with the eyes, feet, kidneys and nerves that can be caused by diabetes.purchase this title to save about 50% on each title included and gain instant access to the X-plain illustrated bundle on diabetes today.


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