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Yoga For Diabetes - Exercises To Treat Diabetes In Tamil

Bhujangasana – Lie on the floor upside down. Keep your legs together with your toes stretched backwards. Keep the palms near your chest and bend your head and the back upwards in a coverage position. At the same time curl your legs and bring it near your bent head. Benefits – Strengthens back muscles and makes spine strong. Pawanmuktasana – Lie on the ground, Bend the right knee and bring the thigh to the chest. Interlock your fingers on your leg just below your knee. Keep your left leg straight on the ground. Hold your breath and raise your head and shoulder off the ground and try to touch the right knee with your nose. Exhale slowly and come back to the normal position. Benefits – Improves digestive system and makes your spine flexible and strong. Dhanurasana – Lie flat on your stomach, Bend your knees and fold your legs upwards. Hold your legs with your hands behind the ankle. Slowly lift your body up as much as possible. Benefits – Reduces weight in the abdominal area and strengthens your spine.Halasana – Lie down on your back with your hands straight on the ground palms down. Raise both your legs straight up keeping them straight. Raise your torso off the ground and with the support of your hands on your back. Keep your legs as straight as you can rest your weight on your shoulders Take your legs behind your head and bring your hands back down on the ground. Keep your legs off the ground in such a way that only your toes should touch. Benefits – Helps reduce fat. Ustasana – Get up on your knees and stretch backwards. Hold your leg at the back of your ankles. Benefits – strengthens your spine. Surya Namaskar – Stand on the edge of your mat in a prayer pose. Then raise both your hands backwards. Bend down and slowly hold both your foot. Push your right leg back and bring the right knee to the floor. As your breath in bring your whole body in a straight line. Slightly take your hips back, slide forward and rest your chest and chin on the floor. Slide backwards and raise your chest upwards. Breathe out and lift your hips and tailbone upward. Bring your right foot ahead and left foot behind. Bend down and slowly hold both your foot. Raise both your hands backwards. Come to your starting position. Benefits – Good exercise for all the parts of your body. Pranayam – This mudra is formed by sitting in cross legged position. Hold your breath and close the right nostril with your thumb and inhale deeply through the other. Repeat the same with the other nostril. Benefits – Clams your mind and cleanses your system.

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