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Yoga - Top 3 Simple Yoga Asanas for Diabetes - Weight Loss Exercise for Beginners

Top 3 Yoga Asanas for Diabetes –
Ardha Matsyendra Asana – 00:12
Vakra Asana – 02:08
Manduka Asana – 03:33

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Sitting Half Spinal Twist) –
Steps –
First go to staff pose.
After bend your right knee.
Place your right foot outer of your left thigh closely to your hip comfortable for you at that time your lap should point the upper limit.
Turn your top head to point ceiling.
At the back, place your right hand at that time the hand is very closely to your body. This hands finger is facing to you.
Covering your left arm approximately your right knee.
At that time hold the thigh to the torso.
Now, Exhale, then turn right side of your body.
Twist your head to your right shoulder.
Doing this asana that time you feel pain in your back head and neck that time you have go to staff pose.
Do this asana for 30 sec to one minute.
Do the all steps (1 to 11) for another side.

Vakrasana (Twisted Pose) –
Bend the left leg in the knee and place its heel near the thigh. Keep the sole of the left foot flat on the floor and the thigh and knee touching to the chest. Place the left hand in front of the right hand in such a way that the fingers of both the palms face each other and the palms remain flat on the floor. Now turn the neck and the trunk to the right, twisting the spine and look back above the shoulder. Continue smooth breathing.

Manduka Asana (Frog Pose) –
Steps –
Sit in Vajrasana.
Make fists on both hands and make sure the thumb is inside the fingers. Place the two fists on the sides of the navel on the stomach. The knuckles should be facing inwards.
Exhale and contract your stomach. Bend forward and try to touch the knees with the chin. If possible try to extend even further.
Try to maintain regular breathing and stay in this position for 1 to 2 minutes.
With inhalation come out of the posture and sit straight again in Vajrasana.

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