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You + Your Diabetes Showreel

You + Your Diabetes is an online, interactive way of collecting your thoughts and queries about your diabetes before seeing your diabetic doctor or nurse. Have you ever gone to your appointment and when they asked you do you have any questions, your mind has gone blank. This is where where You + Your Diabetes can help.

The main aim of the website and application is to give the opportunity for people that have type 1 diabetes, to produce a prompt list to take with them to see their doctor. As student currently studying at the University of Plymouth, who suffers from diabetes myself, there is a need for more outside of the surgery aid, and this application can help.

With more people using the application and joining the facebook page each day. You + Your Diabetes is not just a website but instead allows you to think about the different areas of life in a fun and interactive way, as well as helping you to communicate your diabetic issues to others.


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