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Young artist talking about type 1 diabetes

A collaborative art project within a type 1 community, reinforcing connection between individuals creating art and expressing themselves for single cause around type 1 diabetes.

A personal mission for type 1 community. http://www.thehealthy1s.org/

Dedicated to the families and powerful individuals speaking up here and the 1s that grow better everyday from type 1 diabetes

theType1ist was asked to design, curate, and facilitate an art project for children within a local chapter a JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The concept was to represent the individuality of one’s handwriting to create a compilation of unique “1”s repeating over time and in connection with one another. The individual 1s became many as children’s and adults added their independent marks to the canvas. Mixed in are interviews with powerful ideas and insights from young type 1 artist that were asked about connection and raising awareness for type 1 diabetes.

There is great insight and knowledge that can be gained from individuals of this type 1 community. This is an opportunity to take an isolated incident to a larger scale so that a room filled with type 1s becomes many again, and can expand further within this online community. Type 1 diabetes can feel very isolating for individuals and families so please remember, like as final art project, there are many other 1s around.


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