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Young Living Essential Oils Review - Scam Or Legit?

For those of you who are researching Young Living Essential Oils, I will be providing information pertaining to their products, and most importantly, the business opportunity that they offer to willing participants.  Is Young Living Essential Oils the best business choice for you and your family?  Lets begin to answer this question in my Young Living Essential Oils review.

Young Living Essential Oils offers a vast selection of various oils for a multitude of different purposes, and are derived from plants that produce aromatic volatile liquids.  These oils are used for aromatherapy, emotional health, massage therapy, personal care, household solutions, and nutritional supplements.  They offer more than 300 single oils and blends. 

Young Living Essential Oils has chosen a multi-level marketing distribution channel to promote their products around the globe. 

For those who desire to become a Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor, your cost will start at $40 for your Enrollment Kit.  Young Living Essential Oils offers other Enrollment Kits that provide you with products to satisfy your personal preferences, and these kits sell for as much as $300.

Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributors receive a 24% discount on all product purchases.  You will then sell these products to your customers at retail prices for a 24% profit.  The information pertaining to the Young Living Essential Oils compensation plan is limited to this information.  I encourage you to contact an Independent Distributor directly to learn more about how their compensation plan will benefit you personally.

In my opinion, Young Living Essential Oils is a very legitimate company.  They are not a scam.  However, it will be important to take into consideration the methods of business building you will be encouraged to utilize.  You will receive training that is based upon warm marketing methods.  Meaning, you will contact friends and family to purchase products, and recruit them into your business as a new Distributor.  If you have the desire to build a business of this nature, Young Living Essential Oils offers you the tools and continued support for your success. 

As always, I wish you luck in your search for a home based business for you and your family. 

Source by Dave Fennell

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